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Ceramic Sculpture by Cheryl Tall



The White Rabbit, 43" tall Zelda, 57" tall House of High Hopes, 27"
Merry Go Round, 22" House of the Raven, 34" Margarita, 27"
"Fortunata", EXHIBITION "Birdman's House", 30x8x8" EXHIBITION "Sybilla", 35x18x22"
"Thumbelina", 15x7x7" "Sunset Canyon", 12x7x4"  SOLD "Pheromine", 11x11x9"
"Bluebird", 20x8x10" Garden of Earthly Delights, 36x12x12" "Raphael", 9x7x9"  SOLD
"Full House Teapot" "Lucy Elephant Teapot"   SOLD "Leda's Swan Teapot"
"The Elven Queen" teapot "Nautilus Man Teapot" "Romulus Remus Teapot"
"Rima's Jungle"  SOLD "Villa of the Bees" sculpture "Road Warrior" sculpture SOLD
"The White Queen", 72x36x36" "Chrysalis", 2014, 26x18x10" SOLD "Zephyr", 2014, 22x16x19" SOLD
"All the Tea in China", 2013 "Cinderella", 2013 "Dancing Lady Teapot", EXHIBITION
"Persephone", 43" high, EXHIBITION "See No Evil", 2013 "Diamond Lantern", 2014


Dancing Man Teapot, 2012   SOLD Nurse Jasmine and Dr. Mint Earl Grey and Lady Lipton, 2012  SOLD
Blowing in the Wind, 2012 Upsidedown, 2012   EXHIBITION Poseidon, 2012
Flying Fish, 2012 SOLD Surrogate, 2012 EXHIBITION If I Were an Opera Star SOLD
"The Phoenician Couple", SOLD "The Phoenician Couple", SOLD "The Reader", 10x5x9"  SOLD

The Illusionist", 2011, SOLD

"Magritte's Son", 2011, 18x7x7" SOLD


"Midnight at the Oasis", 2009, SOLD 

"Harvey's Mandrill",  "Magellan", 2011, 38x20x18" Angelina and Diablo, 2011, SOLD
Vermeer's House, 32x12x12" "Walking Boots", 27x15x15" EXHIBITION "Parallel Lives", 29x29x15"
"Phoebe", 2010, 34x18x12"

"Zenobia", 2011,    SOLD

"Blue Girl", 2011, 14x5x5"  SOLD
"Henry's Hotel", 32x14x14"  SOLD "Heads Above Water", 2010, SOLD "Orange Zinger", 2010, SOLD
"Magic Pony II ", 2011, 10x10x6" "Market Wife", 2008, SOLD "Market Wife", 2008, SOLD
"Merwinna ", 2010 "Chloe and Peregrine", 2010, SOLD "Kalifia", 2011, 11x9x5"  SOLD
"Shiraz", 32x18x12"

"Osirus", 2009, 34x20x14"  SOLD


"Minerva", 2011. 84x36x36" SOLD
"Pygothia I", 2009, 42x20x24" SOLD "Let's Go To Paris", 2009, 24x28x4" "Autumn Bound ", 2011,  SOLD


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