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Cheryl Tall - Small Paintings


"A Beacon in the Night", 8x10" "Gossip Session", 8x10" "Touch Me Not", 8x10" "Long Distance Call", 8x10"
"Django Blues", 8x10", 2014 SOLD "Dream Water", 8x10", 2014 "Invocation", 8x10", 2014 "First Date", 8x10", 2014
"Lisa's Mother"  SOLD "Tristan and Isolde" "Robin and Marian" "Couple From Spain"
"Sea of Memories", 8x10" SOLD "Retablo", 8x10" "Flight", 8x10" "A Fruitful Mind", 8x10" SOLD
"Chinese Opera", 8x10" "Don Juan And His Women", 8x10" SOLD "Eve", 8x10" EXHIBITION "Living in Maya", 8x10" AWARD
"Beekeeper's Birthday", 8x10 SOLD "Sir George and the Mirage", 8x10", "Friendship", 8x10" "Masquerade", 8x10"
"Call Me", 8x10" "Boy with a Feather". 8x10",  SOLD "Nest", 8x10", oil on canvas  SOLD "Blue Water Tea", 16x20", oil
"Cake for Breakfast", 16x20", pastel "Silent Screen ", 8x10", acrylic SOLD "Festina Tarde", 16x20", oil  SOLD "Girl in Green", 8x10" EXHIBITION
"Meet the Parents", 2010, 8x10" "Girl with Flower" EXHIBITION "Girl in Striped Shirt" EXHIBITION "Girl with Necklace" EXHIBITION
"Lynka", 8x10" EXHIBITION "Girl with Glasses", 8x10" SOLD "Man with Agenda", 8x10" "Girl with Baby", 16x24"
"Girl with Cat", 16x24" "Girl with Cherries", 16x24" "Girl with Lamb", 16x24" Man with Guitar", 16x24"
"The Visitor", 8x10, oil on canvas "Madam Matisse", 8x10, oil on canvas  SOLD "Living in Maya", 8x10", acrylic "Sundeck Grill", 8x10", oil on canvas  SOLD
"Annanuki", 12x12" EXHIBITION "Black Ballerina", 2011, acrylic SOLD "Carmen Bella", 2011, SOLD "Marketplace", 2011, EXHIBITION
"The Ancestors", 2010, oil "Gypsy Wife", 2011, acrylic collage  SOLD "Conundrum", 2011, acrylic "Mystic Schoolhouse", 2011, acrylic  SOLD


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