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"International Ceramic Exhibition ", Aug. 5-21, 2009  

Organized by Arthur Park, 22 international clay sculptors came together for an exhibiton and two week cultural tour of Korean Ceramics at the Gangjin Celadon Festival, Ganjin, Korea (  The ceramics ranged from large scale sculpture to finely crafted porcelain pieces, which were shown in the museum located on the festival grounds.   Participants got their energy going and spent much time talking, sharing, viewing art, eating traditional Korean food and listening to everyone's stories.  The cultural tour included stops in Ulsan and Seoul where we visited many museums, temples and Korean potters' studios.  What a great experience!


Cheryl Tall, San Diego, CA                                                        

Nuala Creed, San Francisco , CA

Steve Allen, San Francisco, CA

Heather Hannaford, B.C., Canada

Gay Liddell, Toronto, Canada

Rachel Garrison, Albany, NY

Kevin Lambert, North Carolina

Robyn Joy Gill, Australia

Roy Gill, Austrailia

Larry Stern, NYC, New York

Hilda Meron, Israel

Shaked Kaplan, Toronto, Canada

Elise Bishop, Australia

Kevin Park, Australia

John Dellow, Australia

Ruth Park, Australia

Andrea Vinkovic, Australia

Tatiana Gvozdetskaya, Australia

Mindy and Mike Solomon, St. Petersburg, FL

Arthur and Mary Park, Michigan, Organizers

Shaked incising a large vessel Some of the participating artists with Korean artists in Gangjin Cheryl's Demo Sculpture
Korean celadon vessels
Cheryl drinking green tea Cheryl demonstrating her technique Cheryl's sculpture
Dancing lady at the outdoor market Vegetable sellers at the market Cheryl's "T4-2" in the exhibition