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Mixed media acrylic paintings by Cheryl Tall

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"Cul-de-sac", 2016, 60x40"

mixed media on canvas

"Nineteen Thirty", 2016, 16x20"

mixed media on canvas

"Touch Me Not", 2016, 8x10"

mixed media on board

"Belle Epoque", 2016, 16x20"

mixed media on canvas


"House of Two Sisters", 2013, 40x30"  SOLD "My Gypsy Life", 2014, 90x48"
"Village of the Lost Tribe", 2015, 30x40" "Tristan and Isolde", 2015, 32x20"
"Super Store", 2015, 30x40" "Counter Culture", 2015, 30x40"
"The Fashion Show", 2015, 30x40" "Women's Work", 2015, 9x12"
"The Makeup Artist", 2015, 30x40" "The Shoe Queen", 2015, 12x7"
"Clorox", 2015, 12x16" "The Shopkeeper", 2015, 12x16"
"Adam and Eve on Mars", 2012, 30x40"  "The Restaurant", 2012, 40x60", EXHIBITION
"Dinner at the Dollmakers", 2013, 30x40" EXHIBITION "The Wedding Feast", 2013, 30x40"EXHIBITION
"Accidental Narcissism", 2015, 30x40" EXHIBITION "Milk Bar", 2015, 30x24"  EXHIBITION
"The Bath", 2012, 30x40", acrylic and mixed media SOLD "Old World New World", 2012, acrylic and mixed media
"Bellanaise", 60x30", acrylic   EXHIBITION "Cendrillon", 2011, 36x42", acrylic and mixed media
"Cirque de Luna ", 2010, acrylic mixed media, 60x40" "Phoenecian Couple With Griffon", 2010 SOLD
"Forbidden City ", 2011, 30x40", acrylic SOLD   "Bruegel's Bar", 2011, 40x60", acrylic   EXHIBITION
"sunday at the Zookeepers", 2011, acrylic, 30x40"  SOLD "Hamilton Town", 2010, 60x40" SOLD
"You're Such a Doll!", 2010, acrylic, 30x40"  "The Beauty Machine", 2010, acrylic and mixed media
"Wonderland II", 2010, 30x40", acrylic mixed media SOLD "Waterworld", 2010, 30x40", acrylic and mixed media 

"Tinseltown", 2010, 30x40", acrylic  SOLD "Valley of the Malls", 2010, 30x40". acrylic   SOLD
"The Reading Room", 2009, 20x30 ", acrylic mixed media "California Beach", 2009, 36x48 ",
"The Brides of Santa Claus", 2010, 30x40", SOLD "Meet Me At Julie's House", 2010, 30x60", SOLD
"The The Queen's Coronation Concert ", 2009, EXHIBITION "Ode to Degas ", 2009, 30x40", SOLD
"Office Politics", 2008, 30x40 ", acrylic and mixed media "Artist Have More Fun ", 2008, 30x40", EXHIBITION
"Meet Me at Julie's House ", 2010, 3x8', SOLD "Dream House", 2008, 30x40 " EXHIBITION  
"Monkey Mind", 2009, 30x40", acrylic and mixed media "At the Zoo", 2008, 30x40", acrylic and mixed media  SOLD  
"Go Out and Play ", 2008, acrylic and mixed media "Beauty Rest ", 2008, acrylic and mixed media  
"Chefs in the Kitchen ", 2008, 30 "x30" EXHIBITION "Morning at the Maritime Spa", 2008, 24 "x24", acrylic  
"The Second Supper", 2008, 60"x36",  BOOK COVER
"My Backyard at Midnight", 2008, 36"x24", acrylic and mixed media  SOLD  
"Conchetta's Concerto", 2008, acrylic and mixed media "Infinity Times Two ", 2011, 3x8', SOLD  

All images copyright 2016 by Cheryl Tall.  Contact Artist for Current Price and Availability.   Please include the name of the painting or sculpture.