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Storytellers Exhibition, NCECA Tampa 2011

Bruno Levin Gallery

Obsidian Gallery Exhibition Photo Credit:  AnaLydia Rodriguez Reiner

Mythica Exhibition Photo Credit: Bruce Tall


"Magellan" in Storytelling exhibition, Obsidian Gallery "Shiraz" and "Osirus" in Storytelling, Obsidian Gallery, Tucson, AZ Storytelling exhibition, View 2, Obsidian Gallery, Tucson, AZ
"Song of the Traveling Daughter", Storytelling, Obsidian Gallery, 2/2012 "Alzabeta", Storytelling, Obsidian Gallery "Reynardine", Storytelling, Obsidian Gallery
Cheryl Tall at her opening, "Mythica", Florida Atlantic University, Jupiter, FL Diane Arrieta, gallery director, with Cheryl Tall at her opening "Mythica" "Man with Guitar" and "Girl with Lamb", from Tall's exhibition, "Mythica", FAU, 2/12

"Magellan", architectural clay, glaze and oxides, 28x18x16", July 2011, created by Tall at art residency.  Photograph: Laura Vanags, The Banff Centre, Banff, Canada

"Minerva", 2011, 84x36x36", ceramic, slip, glaze, cement, tiles, glass, at San Diego Botanic Garden, Encinitas, CA

"Hamilton House", 2010, 40x60", acrylic and mixed media on canvas, Juror's Choice Award at the California Regional

Exhibition, San Diego Art Institute, San Diego, CA

"Pygothia", 54x20x28", glazed ceramic, on 6' tall photomural at San Diego Airport, 2011 "Winged Manor" by Cheryl Tall, book cover, 10/11, Sunbury Press "The Phoenician Couple", 42x20x28", glazed ceramic, at "Storytellers" exhibition, Clayton Galleries, Tampa, FL, 3/11
Cheryl Tall's "La Cantina" at Attleboro, MA, 2010 "Florabella" at Bruno Levin Gallery, Escondido, CA, 2010 Tall's "Sitting Shiva" at Projects Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, 2010
"Parallel Lives" at Hard and Soft, Denton, TX, 2/2010 Tall at Costell Childs Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ, 2009 Tall's "Conchetta's Concerto" at Gallery 4311, Dec. 2009
"T4-2" at Gangjin Ceramic Museum, Korea, Aug. 2009 Tall at "Arrested Motion", Penn College, Aug 2009 Tall's Wallhouses at Escondido Municipal Gallery, Jun 2010

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