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Thanks, everyone who came to the inaugural reception!  The band, Endangered Speciez, was fantastic!  The capapes, created by Vincent's Restaurant, were delicious!  The crowd was filled with interesting people who discussed the intriguing artwork with great animation!

Photos by Bruce Tall, Cheryl Tall, Diane Stacey and Portia LaTouche

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Bruno Levin Gallery Gallery view from the front Gallery view from the middle
Marvin Free, Endangered Speciez Band Front window from the inside Viewing the artwork
Artist Cheryl Tall with Vistor Sandi Zarcades Helena's Horse by Cheryl Tall
Interior View of Gallery Portia La Touche with Her Work Chris Evans Showing Visitors His Painting
Refreshments Guitar Player from Endangered Speciez Tall's Sculpture "Florabella" in Foreground